In 2008, my dad died suddenly on a Monday morning in November. My family and I were shocked and devastated. This caught us all by surprise. I began to pray for that peace that passes all understanding from Philippians 4:7 in the Bible. Never before, had I felt the presence of God as I did during my dad’s funeral.

After the funeral, I began to assess the financial situation of my family. We were in a financial bind. My dad’s income was gone, and my brother and I were still in college. My mom was left with very little life insurance and very little retirement. This prompted me to go on a two year secular quest to read, study, and learn about personal finance. Toward the end of those two years, I found out that God’s Word, the Bible, has over 2,000 scriptures that discuss handling money and possessions! This was an eye-opener for me because I was in college for finance and didn’t learn any of these principles in my college courses. Then, I studied what the Bible has to say about money and possessions for the following two years. After prayer and fasting, God revealed to me a vision through a dream that he wanted me to teach His people how to handle money His ways and use the truth of the financial principles of God’s Word to lead people around the world to Jesus Christ.

Shortly thereafter, the Lord led me to write an 8 week course, Kingdom Financial College, to teach others an overview of what I have learned. After teaching Kingdom Financial College part-time for about a year, God revealed to me that I was supposed teach others full-time. Then, I founded Kingdom Financial Education, a nonprofit organization, to teach others what I have learned and lead others to Jesus Christ. We do this through Kingdom Financial College classes, one-on-one coaching, small group Bible studies, conferences, discipleship opportunities, and internet radio.

Jonathan Sayles


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Jonathan Sayles has over 6 years of financial services experience including helping and teaching individuals about budgeting, insurance, and retirement planning. Mr. Sayles holds a B.S. in Finance and an M.B.A. from the University of New Orleans. He is a Christ follower and upholds biblical values. Jonathan is married to Jessica Sayles, and they have one daughter, Joanna. They live in the New Orleans, LA area.