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4 September 2017
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4 September 2017, Comments 0

Ministry News

1. We are praying for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. In order to help, we will be collecting mud out items such as rubber gloves, dust masks, flashlights, goggles, etc. We will be collecting items up until September 17th. Please email me at if you would like to donate items to send to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Please continue to pray for people in Houston, Southeast Texas, and Southwest Louisiana!

2. I am hearing great reports from our Kingdom Financial College class that meets in a home in Kenner. Please pray that the participants will continue to learn and apply these biblical principles to their lives for the long-term.


“This class has reminded me that my personal stewardship is the basis of my public ministry. It is (harder) to live a lesson than to just share ministry verbally.”

~Kingdom Financial College participant from Louisiana


His Finances, His Ways,

Jonathan Sayles


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